Task 2

Sample 2 (Case 11) – Medical Mistake

Now that you’ve had a chance to view the Sample 1 (Case 11) video we’d like you to watch the Sample 2 (Case 11) video. Pay particular attention to the sections that relate to providing explanation and negotiating a mutual plan of action. Also, consider the physician’s performance in these two sections in terms of the strategies for optimizing information exchange.

Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1:

Note: the interactive versions of the checklists are below Task 2 in the Viewing and Critiquing section of the module outline (to the right or below). The video is available on each checklist page.

There is a transcript available for this video for your reference: Case 11: Transcript (Dr. Dezfouli)

When you are ready to watch the video, start with the interactive version of the Clinical Checklist and complete it in real time as you watch the video.

Step 2:

Complete the interactive version of the Communication Checklist to evaluate the communication according to the categories.

Step 3:

Complete the interactive version of the Interview Checklist in real time to assess the structural flow of the interview.

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