Task 1

Sample 1 (Case 11) – Medical Mistake

Successful communication in this case depends on the degree to which the doctor is upfront and conciliatory, and willing to ensure clear understanding of the patient’s concerns and suggested remedies and demand to be informed about contingency strategies, as well as maintaining the rights to privacy of the other patient.

In this viewing of the video, keep in mind the importance of these elements. Look for evidence that the doctor:

  • Frankly admits the mistake and explain how they will safeguard against future errors
  • Demonstrates the ability to apologize sincerely
  • Asks appropriate questions to ensure that patient’s health has not been compromised
  • Actively listens to and accept patient’s concerns
  • Is upfront and honest, indicates desire to remedy the situation
  • Suggests follow-up visit
  • Negotiates solution to the patient’s satisfaction

Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1:

Review the following reference materials for the case:

These notes will familiarize you with the extent of detail to each Standardized Patient and therefore the kind of information that is available during the interview.

Step 2:

Before viewing the Sample 1 (Case 11) video, familiarize yourself with the three tools that you will be using as part of your critique: the Clinical Checklist, the Communication Checklist and the Interview Checklist.

Step 3:

Note: the interactive versions of the checklists are below Task 1 in the Viewing and Critiquing section of the module outline (to the right or below). The video is available on each checklist page.

When you are ready to watch the video, start with the interactive version of the Clinical Checklist and complete it in real time as you watch the video.

Step 4:

Complete the interactive version of the Communication Checklist following your view of the video.

Step 5:

Complete the interactive version of the Interview Checklist in real time to assess the structural flow of the interview.

Step 6:

Go to the Group Forum and post your critique of the Sample 1 (Case 11) video in the Task 1 topic.

Step 7:

After posting your response, be sure to read the postings of others and provide a comment on the responses of your online colleagues as you wish.

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