Thank you for taking this online course! Please read the following instructions to help ensure you have the best possible experience.

Course Instructions

  1. You will use the course outline to navigate through the course. Usually this outline will be displayed on the right of the course content, but for smaller screens it may be displayed below the course content. The course in broken up into several lessons. You can click the Expand link for each lesson in the outline to see the content for that lesson. Items in a lesson include topics and quizzes.
  2. Once you have completed a topic you should click the Mark Complete button in the control bar at the bottom of the topic. This will add a check mark next to the unit name in the course outline. Now click the Next Topic link in the control bar to proceed.
  3. Links to course assignments, documents, forums and other materials are generally highlighted in blue within a topic. When you click these links the item will be opened in a new tab in your browser. In some cases your browser may prompt you to download and/or confirm that you want to open the item before it can be viewed.
  4. Note! When you are finished with a course item that has been opened in a new browser tab, then you can just close that tab and return to this primary browser tab to continue with the course.
  5. You can jump around to different units using the course outline, but you must complete all units before you can receive your course certificate.
  6. Different components of the course are evaluated in different ways. For example:
    • You will receive a message from your instructor notifying you when your written assignments have been reviewed and marked.
    • Your Reflection Log and Flipgrid responses are not graded, but will be used as part of the instructor's overall determination of whether to award the certificate.
    • You should self-evaluate your own results after completing each checklist in the course.
  7. If you have problems you can contact your instructor by clicking the Message the Instructor button in the footer of the course pages. You can also read the course FAQ to review some common questions and answers about the course. Or you can visit the Technical Support discussion board to post your own question.
  8. Click the Mark Complete button below when you are ready to begin.

Course Content

Course Content

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