Appreciation message for Rossalia Videlova

Rossalia Videlova was with AIMGA for seven years before she left on March 31st. All of us at AIMGA miss her greatly. For those of you who knew Rossalia, you know she was both highly dedicated to members and committed to the success of AIMGA.

Due to the pandemic we could not bid her the farewell we hoped to have in her honour. We waited, however, the pandemic has continued. Therefore, we have decided to honour her years of service at our upcoming Annual General Meeting on Dec 3rd.

In appreciation of Rossalia's contributions, we are asking our members who benefitted from Rossalia’s selfless support to write a personalized message of their heartfelt appreciation below. These messages will be printed on cards and delivered to Rossalia as a keepsake along with a gift from us. We plan to deliver this as a surprise to her on the evening of our AGM.